Vintage Rustic Home Décor is Back in Style


We will tell you a very important secret toady: Mastering the rustic home décor style is not only difficult to manage but is also heavy on the pocket. Interior décor specialists agree that only a few well selected pieces can revamp the look of the entire room; however those few pieces must be selected methodically and with great attention to detail keeping in mind the overall room décor.

Tuckaway Antique’s rustic furniture helps to add a vintage element to your room; the feel created with a few pieces of antique furniture cannot be added with lots of modern furniture. A number of factors combine together to bring rustic home décor style back in fashion and the most important of these factors is that the rustic art style balances contemporary aesthetics with old school texture.

For some rustic home décor means to simply hang a few Edison bulbs around the room and to put a few rustic chairs here and there. However, rustic home décor is much more than that; it means a careful arrangement of furniture that can only be done if one has a keen eye for detail. Specialists at Tuckaway Antiques make sure the elements of polish, texture and distress of the rustic item you select fit in with the overall mood of the room.

While Tuckaway Antiques helps you create a modern-rustic vibe in your home below are the 3 main ways of creating this ambiance yourself.

  • Vintage wooden table with rustic chairs. Pair a vintage wooden table with rustic chairs to give a farm-house rustic ambiance to your dining room. While wooden table would add a classic and casual vibe to the room, vintage rustic chairs would add deconstructed yet finish touch to the room.
  • Factory lights: Factory lights in a farmhouse style inspired kitchen add to the vintage appeal. This kitchen style mixes rustic lighting with wooden finishes on shelves and cabinets to create an old school feeling.
  • Vintage Mirrors: There is something about distressed mirrors that make a living space feel more livable and natural.  Tuckaway Antiques has some of the finest antique brass mirrors that would help you get the rustic-modern interior you desire.

Vintage home décor is back in style and with a bang. If you are looking to add a rustic yet modern appeal to your home, Tuckaway Antique is just the right place for you. Look no further, you can either find us online at Tuckaway Antique or visit our store located in the heart of downtown Cle Elum.





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