Co-signment: How to Sell your Valuable Belongings


At Tuckaway Antiques we offer a co-signment program for the hidden treasures lying in farthest corner of your home. It is sad that antique items are often neglected; people sometimes not knowing the worth of a very precious item discard it. However, what may be entirely useless for one person may be very important for someone else. Then whether it is a timeworn vase lying in your attic or your grandfather’s old cutlery set in the pantry everything is either discarded or carelessly thrown into the garbage. What happens by doing this is the valuable item is sometimes damaged beyond repair. Then even skilled craftsmanship cannot even recover it to its original shape.

Rather than rendering a valuable antique item useless, it is better to bring it to Tuckaway Antiques for co-signment . At Tuckaway Antiques  we will go through a comprehensive 3 step process to estimate the quality of the piece you brought for sale. Once quality and price estimates are drawn the item will be listed for clients and will be put on display where someone with an inherent love for anything antique and unique will purchase the item and make the piece a beloved part of his/her home.

The quality assessment process of antique pieces includes the following steps:

  1. Checking the quality of the Antique Item. The first step involves identifying the quality of the item brought by clients. After carrying out a thorough assessment of the item, the age of the item brought for sale would be decided.
  2. Drawing a price estimate. This step involves determining the price of the item. . Whether it is an old piece of porcelain cutlery, designer jewelry or an old work of art its worth would be calculated. The price estimate would take into consideration the fact that if a particular item is in its original condition or if it is broken. Broken items are worth less than those that are in their original shape and form.
  3. Finalizing the sale decision. Once the quality of a particular item is determined and its price estimates are drawn, final negotiations would be carried out with the client to ensure everyone is on the same page. Since clients are the most important part of our business, we will make sure that everything possible is done to appease them including slight adjustments in final price estimates.

While we may not be able to appreciate the importance of a piece of an antique item, someone else would be more than interested in buying it. It is for this reason at Tuckaway Antiques  we welcome you to bring us anything old but interesting lying uselessly in your home and be surprised by what you get in return.


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