Tuckaway Antiques: The Most Trusted Name for Buying and Selling Antique Items in Cle Elum, WA


At Tuckaway we guarantee you of providing the once in a lifetime experience of buying and selling antique items. We are one of the most trusted antique stores in Cle Elum  that offers uniquely competitive pricing. We trade in almost anything that is old but unique and interesting. Some of the most frequently traded items in our store include ceramics, antique lighting, clocks, furniture, silver ware, mirrors, old artwork, glassware and jewelry. In addition to this there are hundreds of more precious items on display in our store.

At we Tuckaway Antiques take pride in the fact that the huge variety of collectibles in our store appeals to the aesthetics of even the choosiest of antique buyers. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff aptly assesses the quality of each antique piece and prices it accordingly. Our pricing system is fair and we believe in establishing a long term working relationship with our clients rather than minting money from them.

Our store boasts of a large variety of antique items that are in tandem with changing consumer trends. According to a number of top forecasting firms the latest fad in antique sale is to buy less but high quality products. Interior design has long been regarded as a trendsetter for influencing purchase decision for high-end décor-focused antiques. Some of the most well-known names in interior design are of the opinion that customers are increasingly becoming quality conscious. Dark antique in contrast to cream-white walls is another important trend in antique home décor. At Tuckaway Antiques  we have a very large variety of dark toned antique collectibles that will surely complement the white walls in your house.

Below is a list of forecast for antique buying trends for 2018-19. Consumer purchase decisions are most likely influenced by these trends:

  • Neoclassical silver cutlery
  • Chinoiserie (18th century Western décor style dominated by the use of Chinese themes and designs)
  • Vintage and antique rugs dominated by Oriental, Middle Eastern themes
  • Classic wooden 18th century furniture (curvilinear romantic lines of classic era)
  • Antique lighting, lamps and fixtures
  • Tribal artifacts
  • Mid-century artwork (artwork dominated by clean lines)

We at Tuckaway Antiques  are pleased to announce that we have many items from each of the elements in the list above. Step back and take a deep breath and then start defining the most important elements that you would want in your dream room. Physical limitations, budget and space are the three most important elements that you need to consider before you embark on your interior décor drive. Once you are sure of how you want to design your room, come to and Tuckaway we will make sure you have a once in a lifetime experience of buying some of the finest antique collectibles.


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